Structural Carpentry 

Our Specialities:

We provide structural carpentry solutions. At KJ’s we offer both traditional methods & prefab options to suit any style of project. From the complete construction of outbuildings to specialist bespoke roofing carpentry. From new builds to renovations, conversions to new outbuildings KJ’s can help you achieve your goals.


Whether it’s the construction of residential garden outbuildings or larger commercial premises. KJ’s can help you with your construction. We are experts in timber outbuilding construction, whether you choose traditional timber or steel, call us now.


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Timber/Metal framing:

If you are looking for a contractor for your steel or timber frame building, look no further than KJ’s. We can manage your project from inception to completion. We provide bespoke and cost-effective solutions to your timber or metal framing needs.

Roofing Carpentry:

We pride ourselves on our experience when it comes to roofs. Whether it’s traditional cut and pitch roofing, truss roofing or flat roofs at KJ’s we understand the importance of getting your roof right. Whether it’s constructing a new building, or carrying out major refurbishment and repair we can help.

First Fix Carpentry:

First Fix carpentry refers to the structural carpentry work that takes place before the plastering. At KJ’s we can manage all your First Fix carpentry needs. Whether it’s studwork, fitting joists or fitting staircases.

At KJ’s we pride ourselves on both the price and the quality of our workmanship.